With Co.OfWomen, I have developed a deep understanding of female power and success. Not only have I have been able to grow my knowledge about the female success journey, but I’ve helped women understand their own power. Ultimately, this shared growth and understanding allows us to celebrate each other’s successes.

The New Zealand Hall of Fame for Women Entrepreneurs 

In 2012, Co.Women instigated the Hall of Fame for Women Entrepreneurs to honour those whose success has paved the way, whose brilliance has changed the way things are done, and whose generosity has impacted our world for the better.

The Hall of Fame normalises success as possibility, offers encouragement to women working on their own, creates accessible examples of successful women, and demonstrate the diversity of the female entrepreneurial endeavour.

Women Entrepreneurs Week

Women Entrepreneurs Week creates awareness of the diversity of our success and stimulates discussion on its characteristics. This celebratory week spotlights the innate power of women, the diversity within each other’s success journeys, and the triumphs of entrepreneurial women.

Female Power Week

Power is commonly associated with strength. In turn, power is linked to physical prowess or financial might, and often utilised as a positive descriptor for men. In fact, studies suggest that if women are perceived to be powerful, bold, or openly ambitious they are more likely to be deemed by their peers as “unlikeable” or “untrustworthy”. However, the same traits are seen as management-material in men…

Female Power Week was started in 2020 to celebrate the unique, innate power women hold. Female power manifests itself through compassionate, ambitious, strategic, and strong women. Women with these traits aren’t unicorns; we are born them. Female Power Week is about celebrating the greatness we have as women, and championing the brilliant world-changing things we do when we harness our power. Hell yeah. #WhoRunTheWorld

Co. Magazine

Co. magazine came from the realisation that no publication that had a focus on championing powerful women. The magazine launched in 2016, from the desire to contribute to women everywhere who are working on their success, and recently released issue 14, #TheMotherOfAllTransitions

Co. magazine issue 13, #MANAWAHINE, is available as a gift to all women here.